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If you require a paper copy of any of the information contained within this site, we provide these free of charge. Please contact the School Office.


Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

At Burton Salmon School we recognise and value the role all stakeholders play in the development of our setting. The sustained success of our school family relies upon the combined efforts of pupils, teachers, support staff, administration staff, parents, cooks, cleaners, lunchtime supervisors, governors and myself as head. 

We recognise that individual behaviour is key to collective success and harmony. The ethos of the school is underpinned by ‘pupil voice’, with our rules and rewards being agreed upon and written by the pupils themselves at the start of every academic year.

Our school rules are:

We will be kind, honest and polite.

We will follow instructions.

We will listen to others.

We will always work hard and do our best.

We will look after our school – everyone and everything in it.


Pupils are given key responsibilities throughout the school, be it as buddies for our reception pupils, milk monitors, playtime leaders or any one of a host of other roles and responsibilities. Pupils learn that only through joint working and mutual respect can we make our school the place we want it to be.

Shared Values

At Burton Salmon School we recognise that not only must we encourage our pupils to play an active and harmonious role within their own school community but must also prepare them for life in a wide and varied world.

We work to support our pupils in developing an awareness of what is often referred to as ‘British Values’. We also strive to ensure that our pupils know that these key values are shared by many people around the world and how we as individuals can adopt them in our lives.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our children is promoted through our classroom learning, assemblies, themed weeks, visitors / visits and through events linked to current affairs and events. 

Wherever possible we provide pupils with first hand, practical experiences which allow them to see the impact of these values in action.

Children are given an understanding of democracy through the democratic election of our School Councillors, our Junior Road Safety Officers and classroom responsibilities. Candidates prepare speeches, present their cases and rally support before ‘election day’, when the school comes together to anonymously elect their representatives for the year.

Pupils are introduced to the rule of law by taking a hand in formulating our school rules and being responsible for upholding them and ensuring others do likewise. Pupils are also responsible for choosing the rewards they will receive for outstanding behaviour and define what it is they need to do to achieve them.

Individual liberty is explained and promoted throughout classroom practice, pupils are encouraged both to develop their own individual characters and respect the differing traits of others. Our curriculum is developed with input from pupils, through expressing and sharing their interests themes and topics of study are chosen and developed to ensure what they are taught mirrors what it is they actively want to learn.

Our school community strives to ensure a climate of mutual respect for all is developed and maintained throughout our actions and beliefs. Children are taught to recognise that whilst people may have differing family backgrounds, beliefs or practises these are all equally valid and worthy of the same respect. We welcome into school ambassadors of different faiths and cultures and delight in sharing the many similarities and differences that make our world such an exciting place to grow up in.

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