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Absence Guidelines

The following is taken from the school's attendance policy. The full policy can be found here.


Good attendance and punctuality at school is important and ensures continuous learning.

School encourages good attendance through making the school day and pupils’ learning enjoyable. We aim to encourage a positive attitude to school to nurture learning in all pupils.


Attendance at School

Parents are legally obliged that unless there is illness or some other acceptable reason for absence, children should attend school for each session during the prescribed school days of the academic year. A session is either the morning or the afternoon. Children are welcome to arrive between 8.50 and 9.00 each morning.



Parents are asked to inform the school office by 9.00 am each day a child is unwell and will not be attending school.  To protect both children and staff from the spread of infection, parents are asked to keep a sick child at home until he or she is fully recovered.  

If an absence is known of in advance, e.g. a medical appointment, a letter or email to the school prior to the absence is required.


Medical Conditions and Specific Guidelines 

Please seek your doctor's advice, however, school follows the following guidance provided by Health Protection Agency 2010 on infection control in schools:

Skin infections  

Recommended period to be kept away from school

Chicken Pox       5 days from the onset of rash   
Impetigo 48 hours after commencing antibiotic treatment unless lesions are crusted and healed
Ringworm Exclusion not normally required
Warts and verrucae   None
Diarrhoea & Vomiting   
Diarrhoea & Vomiting 48 hours from last episode
Respiratory Infections  
Flu Until recovered
Head Lice None - please treat to prevent spreading and bring into school
Tonsilitis None



Administration of Medicine

Should your child require medication please try and arrange for doses to be taken before or after school, or during lunchtime by a parent or authorised person.

For Health and Safety reasons, staff can only administer prescribed medicines after parents/carers have completed an Authorisation for the Administration of Medication form (except inhalers).

If your child requires preventative medicines, such as for asthma or diabetes, or medicated cough sweets, then these may be brought into school. They should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and handed to the class teacher. The school should be informed of any allergies the child may have (eg. nuts, Elastoplasts, hay fever etc) and appropriate information passed on to the school.

Local Authority policy allows only plasters, sterile dressings and bandages to be kept in the school First Aid boxes. The majority of staff in our school are First Aid trained.

Please click here to see a copy of our Administration of Medicines policy

Click here to see a copy of the parental request to administrate medicines in school form




At Burton Salmon Community Primary School we believe that children need to be in school for all sessions, so that they can make the most progress possible. However, we do understand that there are circumstances where a parent may legitimately request leave of absence.

If a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their child from school then a leave request form needs to be completed by the parent/guardian. The request for withdrawal has then to be authorised by the Headteacher and a signed letter will be returned to the parent/guardian. Forms are available from school or the school website.

The law says that parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for leave during term-time and that this leave can only be taken for exceptional circumstances. Leave can NEVER be granted for the reason of taking a holiday.

Parents are urged to discuss leave requests well in advance of making any arrangements. Ordinarily, parents will be invited to a 1:1 interview to discuss their application. Leave requests need to be exceptional. Where leave is not authorised and is then taken, a Penalty Notice may be issued by the Local Authority. Non-payment of this fine may result in an increased fine and ultimately a Magistrate’s Court appearance.


Click here to take you to our Holidays in Term Time pages


Recording and use of Absence Data

A registration system is in place to record, in an accurate manner, attendance, lateness and absences. This complies with Government and L.A. guidelines. School’s official starting time is 9.00 am.  Any child arriving after 9.10 am, when registration closes, will be registered with a late mark and this is recorded in the pupils’ attendance records. It is important that pupils are punctual and arrive prepared for the day’s learning.

When a child fails to attend school for one or more sessions (morning or afternoon) this will be recorded as an absence. Absences will be shown as authorised or unauthorised, following authority guidelines. The school determines whether an absence is authorised or unauthorised using these guidelines.

When absences are unaccounted for, school will telephone and/or send a letter home to try to ensure all absences are explained.

Data is collected and subsequently collated. Attendance figures are published for individual pupils in their school report and, where pupils’ attendance causes concern, shared with Educational Social Workers. Attendance information is passed on when pupils transfer to other schools.


If you have any questions or queries about any of the information on these pages, please do not hesitate to contact the head teacher or any member of staff.


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